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So if you have signed up for my newsletter (if not get your over here and sign up already!) and grabbed my freebie, you already have the first steps to simplifying your life.  And the really REAL truth is, it’s all you really need.  You can use that guide for any aspect of your life, not just your material things.  We fill our homes with stuff but our minds are full of it too, things we have put there, as well as things that others have as well.  Our daily activities and the time invested in them should be evaluated daily.  Is everything in line with your goals and dreams?   Take time today to find out what is happening in other parts of your life and see if there isn’t something you can let go of.  I will be posting weekly challenges that will help you look a little deeper into things you may or may not want to let go of.  It’s not necessary to do every challenge, as not all of them may not fit into your ideal life.  However, it will at least give you a little food for thought and hopefully expand your simplifying skills to other areas of your life and stuff, one week at a time.

Also, I made a short video on youtube talking a little bit about the launch of my website and I hope you will check it out as well.  Be sure to follow me there to get my spur of the moment tips and thoughts as well as any travel fun I might be having.

Good Luck!